Compact design for install versatility
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Powerful, the Si-30 is suitable for all air conditioning units up to 20 kW. Specifically designed for lifting condensate and respectful of user comfort, the Si-30 maintains it's low operating levels, regardless of the volume of condensate to be discharged.

Max flow rate
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The high capacity Si-33 (30l/h) is suitable for air-conditioning units from 20 kW up to 30 kW.

The piston pump inside the Si-33 is specifically designed for removing condensates from air conditioning systems, whatever the environment.

Strong and durable heating pump
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The Si-82 centrifugal pump is designed to be easily installed whatever the layout of the premises. It is capable of evacuating up to 500l/h and suitable for gas condensing boilers. As it also tolerates charged, high temperature and acidic condensates (pH>2.5).



This Si-RM1 wireless pressure probe accurately measures high side and low side pressure. It measures relative pressure range from -1 to 60 bar and -14 to 870 psi and comes with Bluetooth low energy communication. 


This Si-RM13 combines the sturdiness of the analog manifold with digital smart wireless temperature and pressure probes.

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This Si-RM2 temperature probe accurately and simultaneously provides real-time superheat/sub cooling calculations. It measures temperature from -40 to 150°C (-40 to 302 °F), and comes with Bluetooth low energy communication. 


The Si-RM3 manifold comes with two pressure probes that accurately measure high side and low side pressure and two temperature probes that are used to accurately and simultaneously provide real-time superheat/sub cooling calculations. 


Sauermann`s vacuum probe supports the quick, safe evacuation of refrigeration systems and heat pumps with highly accurate measurements.

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2-channel manifold body

The ACC25561 is a 2-channel manifold body.

Deluxe transport case

The ACC25563 is a deluxe transport case that has room for two pressure probes, two temperature probes, one vacuum probe, one manifold body type CPM, charging lines, and a storage hatch.