Safety first

Designed for gas boilers, the pressure safe system allows a safe discharge of condensates and pressure release valve water.
The pump Si-1800 collects condensates and pressure release valve water. A diffuser reduces the pressure of the water discharged in the pump. If a failure occurs, the pump sends a signal to a regulation box.  The regulation box then closes the solenoid valve and stops cold water from entering the boiler.

Safe installation

Technical details

Max flow rate500 l/h
Max discharge head5 m
Mains supply230V~ 50Hz - 70 W – 0.67A
Max condensate temperature65 °C
Max condensate acidity>2.5
Safety switch 
NC 4 A resistive – 250V
Thermal protection 
105°C (auto reset)

Detection levels

ON53 mm
OFF42 mm

Pump sound levels

at 3,3ft or 1m in application (dBA)<= 45
Kit contents 
Regulation box including 2 strain reliefs and 4 screws
Solenoid valve with 2 m cable bare ends (L,N,G)
SI1800: centrifugal pump with tank of 2,0 l
PVC Tubing : 10 mm ID, 5m long
Ø10 to 10 mm (3/8” to 3/8”) straight connector for clear tubing Ø10mm extension
2 bags of 2 screws + 2 rawl plugs
Ø int. 15-20-24-32-40 mm (Ø int. 5/8"-3/4"-1"- 1"1/4 -1"½) inlet adaptor for PVC pipe
Condensate self-sealing evacuation connector, Ø 10 mm int.
Ø10 to 20 mm (3/8” to ¾”) outlet adaptor for rigid tubing Ø20 mm
Safety standards 
RoHS and WEEE directives 
Technical data sheet (PDF)