Sauermann and Kimo, joining forces

Union between Sauermann & Kimo

At Interclima, Sauermann Group CEO Serge Bohyn provided an initial update on the group’s future, following the takeover of Kimo in July 2015.

Following the union between the two brands, they shared a joint stand at the Interclima 2015 trade show. During the event, Serge Bohyn, Sauermann Group CEO, spoke to the two companies’ sales teams and guests. In his first public address on the matter since Sauermann Group took over Kimo in July this year, he sought to lay the foundations of a new communication plan involving both brands. Mr. Bohyn also talked about the new group’s strategy. Following the merger, it has turnover of €60 million and employs some 500 people, including 50 engineers working in its design offices. The group’s expertise covers four main areas: hydraulics, plastics manufacturing, electronics and firmware.

The CEO explained that Kimo is now able to build on its strong reputation in the French market, drawing on Sauermann Group’s extensive international presence. Sauermann has seven subsidiaries worldwide, and is now looking to scale up its global presence. Kimo, which previously had only worked with importers, will also benefit from this new strategy. The group is currently finalising its expansion projects in Italy and Spain. In 2016, it will set its sights on North America, and plans to grow its transatlantic operations to a similar level as its activities in Europe, including the establishment of a production facility in the region. Sauermann will also be attending the forthcoming ASHRAE Expo in Orlando, on 25-27 January 2016.

The new group will also draw on expertise from Taulou, part of the Kimo group, located near Bergerac in France, which is a recognised specialist in the design and production of plastic injection parts and moulds. This synergy will prove particularly important against a backdrop of increasingly connected equipment – one of Taulou facility’s areas of expertise.