Sauermann Group Broadens Horizons with KIMO Instruments in the UK and Ireland


Sauermann Group and KIMO instruments have joined forces in the UK and Ireland. 

For over 40 years, Sauermann Group has manufactured products and services dedicated to industrial and HVACR markets. The group specifically focuses on the detection, measurement and control of indoor air quality (IAQ).

"We are confident that our latest move will further enhance our product portfolio and provide UK customers with a wide range of instruments, condensate removal pumps and high-quality services" said Ernest Bate, Managing Director of Sauermann UK and Ireland.

As well as handling all new business in the UK and Ireland going forwards, Sauermann Group remain committed to honouring the after sales support services for existing KIMO customers; maintaining the current commercial conditions to ensure a smooth transition.

Sauermann Group employs over 400 people across three continents, enabling KIMO to build upon the Group’s strong reputation, international presence and position as an industry leader.

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