How to Safely Install a Condensate Pump with Safety Wires on a Boiler


When connecting safety wires on a condensate removal pump to the larger boiler application, it is important to follow some basic guidelines to ensure optimal safety!

First of all, installers need to interrupt the switched live feed using a terminal block.

Secondly, they need to insert the boiler live wire on one side of the terminal block and the pump safety wire on the other side. This step needs to be repeated for the 2nd safety wire and the other side of the boiler live wire, thus creating a circuit from the boiler switch live through the safety wires.

This wiring will ensure the proper functioning of the two float switches:

Float 1: primary float pump that discharges on/off.

Float 2:  secondary float with a normally closed (N/C) volt-free safety switch.

If the primary float fails, the water level inside the pump will continue to rise and eventually activate the secondary float. When the secondary float is activated, the switch opens and cuts the live feed to the boiler.

The boiler will then automatically shut down, thus avoiding condensate leaks and possible water damage.

For further information, please look at the diagram below:


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