The pH Safe 2 Neutralization Cartridge is safe, easy-to-install and eco-friendly. It's capable of neutralizing up to 2500 litres of acidic condensates at pH3. The pH Safe 2 has been specifically designed to treat condensates produced by gas condensing boilers for use with Sauermann centrifugal tank pumps. 

The key benefits of Sauermann`s pH Safe 2:

  • Super versatile: can be used on boilers up to 80 kW but is especially suited for smaller sized boilers, which make up the majority of boilers on the market.
  • Efficient design:
    • Specially designed inlets and outlets at the end of the pH cartridge ensure the condensate passes through the granulate evenly and optimally.
    • Transparent structure allows users to view the granulate levels.
  • Long life: granulate in cartridges lasts a long time.
  • Strength: can neutralize up to six liters of pH-3-level acid condensates per hour. 

Download- Safe 2 - Safety Data Sheet