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When he is not blogging, he enjoys travelling, living in the south of France, sampling Taiwan and Asian teas, and spending time with his Taiwanese wife, kids and dog.



Both air conditioning units and boilers with condensate removal pumps often get rid of large amounts of water. One way to reduce water usage is by collecting condensate and using this water for other useful purposes, including gardening.


With the summer season here, it is important to ensure that your air conditioner (AC) and condensate removal pump are running properly.

Thought Leadership

In humid climates, drip pans in air conditioning units can fill quickly and require a strong condensate removal pump.


Air conditioners and condensate removal pumps have evolved considerably since the last century, and our mini condensate removal pumps are the next evolution in keeping cool safely.

Thought Leadership

One way to reduce water usage is by collecting condensate, which is produced by air conditioning systems during the cooling process, and using this water for other useful purposes.

Green tech

In addition to the environmental benefits, these directives provide an excellent opportunity for installers to also integrate condensate removal pumps with their condensation boiler installations.


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